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Adjustable Bike Lane Curb Survey

The City is exploring the feasibility of adjustable bike lane curbs.

Winnipeg is running a nine-month trial of adjustable bike lane curbs on existing bike lanes. The trial will include testing installation methods, monitoring maintenance including snow clearing and spring clean-up, and comfort level of users. These adjustable bike lane curbs will allow the City to install protected bike lanes, while still being able to adjust the design of the lane if necessary to accommodate feedback from users and other stakeholders, as well as future changes in use of the roadway.

The curbs are currently installed along existing bike lanes at:

  • Sherbrook Street south of Cumberland Avenue;
  • Bannatyne Avenue between King Street and Albert Street

The city is collecting feedback from August 21, 2017 to June 1, 2018.

Try the routes, and fill out thisĀ short survey.

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