Volunteer with Bike Winnipeg

As a non-profit, Bike Winnipeg depends on volunteer labour to accomplish our goal of getting more people cycling more often.   If you would like to volunteer with us, or have a particular set of skills that you’d like to lend to making Winnipeg more bike friendly, contact volunteer@bikewinnipeg.ca.

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We need volunteers to bring fresh energy and ideas to our board and our committees managing advocacy and cyclist education.  Come to one of our monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of each month in the Sports for Life Centre to see how you can help.


We need volunteers who can help plan and run fundraising activities.

Bicycle Valet


Bike Winnipeg works with event promoters to offer Bicycle Valet services at events to reduce traffic and parking congestion and encourage Active Transportation use in Winnipeg. By providing a free, safe place for the public to park their “wheels”, our bicycle valet service is encouraging people to choose an active lifestyle and increase the use of Winnipeg’s growing Active Transportation infrastructure. The service depends on volunteer labour for Schlepping (hauling equipment to and from venues by bicycle), Event set up and tear down, and of course the actual valet service itself (parking and ticketing bicycles).

For Bicycle Valet Winnipeg Volunteer Opportunities, please visit their Upcoming Events site.

Bicycle Counts

Bike Winnipeg has been counting and reporting on the number of cyclists across the city since 2007, providing the only historical measure of cycling activity in Winnipeg. Volunteers are assigned to a roadway in their neighbourhood and asked to make 2 hour counts of pedestrian and bicycle traffic 3-4 times per year.

Display Trailer

Reaching out to inform and encourage fellow citizens to get out of their cars and onto their bikes.

Bike Winnipeg’s display trailer is our main means of reaching out into the community to inform and encourage our fellow citizens to get out of their cars and onto their bikes. We try to get out to between 10 and 15 events a year, and would like to grow this as much as possible. We are looking for outgoing individuals who will be able to communicate Bike Winnipeg positions and help the public select safe routes around the city.


Community Workshops are one of the tools Bike Winnipeg uses to explore opportunities to improve cycling infrastructure in our quest to transform Winnipeg into a more bicycle friendly city. These facilitated workshops bring together Bike Winnipeg Staff, volunteers, stakeholders and the public to discuss various cycling related opportunities in their neighbourhood. We are looking for volunteers with facilitation experience to help design and facilitate workshops.

Graphic Design/Promotional Materials

We need volunteers who will be able to help with the design of event posters, promotional and campaign materials.


Reliable mapping and map based data can be a crucial tool when making the case for improved cycling facilities or communicating the benefits of cycling to the public. If you have experience with Geographic Information Systems, we often have opportunities where your skills would be greatly appreciated.

Contact volunteer@bikewinnipeg.ca