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Cyclists’ Bill of Rights

At our June 2012 Monthly Meeting, Bike to the Future approved a Cyclists’ Bill of Rights. Thanks to all the volunteers who collaborated for many hours to produce this document.

Cyclists’ Bill of Rights

Whereas cycling is in the public interest because it promotes fitness and reduces health care costs; it reduces congestion on the roads; it reduces emissions into the environment; and cycling facilities cost less than infrastructure for motor vehicles;

Whereas cyclists are vulnerable when they travel among motorized vehicles;

Whereas cyclists are citizens and taxpayers with the same rights, privileges and obligations as motorists;

Therefore, be it recognized that cyclists have the right to:

  1. Bike, for transportation, exercise, fun and sport
  2. Communities designed to encourage cycling, with a cycling network that provides safe and convenient routes to all destinations
  3. Mandatory minimum standards for cycling facilities included as a part of any road construction
  4. Cycling-specific signals, signage, maps and maintenance equal to those provided to motorists
  5. Convenient and secure bicycle parking
  6. A safe distance from motor vehicles at all times
  7. Education and testing of motorists on driving safely in proximity to cyclists
  8. Education of cyclists and inclusion of cycling skills in school curriculum
  9. An annual report on the state of cycling, covering the evolution of cycling facilities, cycling frequency, economic and environmental impacts, and cycling safety
  10. Legislation, regulations, policies, funding and law enforcement to support these rights.

Download a pdf version Here.

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